One book. Five love stories.

In a serene Southern Louisiana neighborhood, It shocks beautiful young Ava when three men attempt to abduct her. 

Remi, a courageous stranger, risks his life to give Ava a chance to escape.

Welcome to a charming Southern cul-de-sac, where neighbors are like family. Together, they share intimate friendships, abundant laughter, and delicious food. Tragedy strengthens their bonds, and tender, sweet romances develop among them.

After four years of dating Santiago, Rosamunde ends the relationship. When he begs her for a second chance, will she trust him again?

José has been in love with María since childhood, but he’s ready to move from friends to lovers. Will he finally tell her how much he loves her?

Chiquita is a middle aged woman desperate to find her soul mate. Will she learn to stop focusing on handsome men and use her skills to impact her community with goodness?

Empowered by a mother’s love, Angeliqùe, a single-mom has dedicated her life to raising her daughter. Now that her daughter is in college, will Angeliqùe finally take care of herself?

We invite you to fellowship with lovable characters and witness the inescapable power of love in this Happily Ever After, Standalone, Contemporary Christian Romance spiced with a little Suspense and Comedy.

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Marcel …

Author of Christian Fiction.

Wife of 28 years.

Mother of 10.

Life is sweet.